Parton distribution functions at a crossroad
Pubdate:2023-07-27 Visitor: [Print]

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Parton distribution functions (DFs) are a preeminent source of hadron structure information; and experiments interpretable in terms of hadron DFs have long been a priority. For much of this time, DFs were inferred from global fits to data and viewed as benchmarks. Such fitting remains crucial, providing input for the conduct of numerous experiments worldwide. But the past decade has seen the dawn of a new theory era, with continuum and lattice studies of quantum chromodynamics beginning to yield robust predictions for the pointwise behaviour of DFs. These developments are exposing potential conflicts with the fitting results. This workshop will provide an important opportunity to identify key experiments and new ways to advance in phenomenology and theory, in order to overcome the emerging controversies and proceed to a coherent description of hadron structure.


  •    Craig Roberts

  •    Minghui Ding

  •    Joannis Papavassillou

  •    Catarina Quintans